WG 4 – Map Validation Activities


The main goals of WG4 are to define the data needs for map evaluation, identify the sensitivity and tolerance of methods to different types of error and uncertainty in VGI and assess the potential role of current VGI efforts as well as active sensing.

Organization and Membership

The Co-chairs of this group are: Cidália Fonte (cfonte@mat.uc.pt) and Lucy Bastin (lucy.bastin@jrc.ec.europa.eu).

Below you will find a list of names and affiliations of participants in WG 4.

NameAffiliationCountryEmailPrimary WG?Other WGsESR
Cidália FonteUniversity of CoimbraPTcfonte@mat.uc.ptYesWGs 1 and 3No
Lucy BastinAston UniversityUKlucy.bastin@jrc.ec.europa.euYesWG1No
Suchith AnandUniversity of NottinghamUKSuchith.Anand@nottingham.ac.ukNoWG2
Gennady AndrienkoFraunhofer IAIS
Natalia AndrienkoFraunhofer IAISDEnatalia.andrienko@iais.fraunhofer.de
Vyron AntoniouHMGSELv.antoniou@ucl.ac.ukNoWG1Yes
Emma BeeBritish Geological SurveyUKebee@bgs.ac.ukNoWGs 1 to 3No
Lorenzo BruzzoneUniversity of TrentoITlorenzo.bruzzone@ing.unitn.itNoWG3No
Matteo CaglioniUniversity of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Gustau Camps-VallsUniversity of ValènciaESgcamps@uv.esNoWG3No
Valentina CeruttiITC Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of TwenteNLv.cerutti@utwente.nlNoWG3Yes
Alexis ComberUniversity of LeicesterUKajc36@le.ac.ukNoWGs 1 and 2No
Cyril De-RunzUniversity of Reims Champagne-ArdenneFRcyril.de-runz@univ-reims.frYesWG3Yes
Jacinto EstimaUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Roberta FlorisUniversity of Cagliari - DICAARITroberta.floris@unica.itNoWGs 1 and 3Yes
Paolo FogliaroniVienna University of TechnologyATpaolo@geoinfo.tuwien.ac.atNoWG2Yes
Giles FoodyUniversity of NottinghamUKgiles.foody@nottingham.ac.ukYesWGs 1 to 3No
Steffen FritzIIASAATfritz@iiasa.ac.atNoWGs 1 and 2No
Magdalena GrusNational Agency for CadastreNLMagdalena.Grus@kadaster.nlNoWGs 2 and 3No
Henrik HarderAalborg UniversityDKhhar@create.aau.dkYesWG3No
Tobias KellenbergerFederal Office of Topography SwisstopoCHtobias.kellenberger@swisstopo.ch
Barbara KochUniversity FreiburgDEbarbara.koch@felis.uni-freiburg.deNoWG1No
Artur KrukowskiIntracom S. A. Telecom SolutionsELkrukowa@intracom-telecom.com YesWG1No
Mike JacksonUniversity of NottinghamUKmike.jackson@nottingham.ac.ukNoWG1No
Jamal Jokar ArsanjaniHeidelberg University
DEjamaljokar@gmail.comNoWGs 1 to 3Yes
Kostas KaratzasAristotle University of ThessalonikiELkkara@eng.auth.grNoWG1No
Juan-Carlos Laso-BayasIIASAATlasobayas@iiasa.ac.atYesNoYes
Didier LeiboviciUniversity of NottinghamUKdidier.leibovici@nottingham.ac.ukNoWGs 1 and 3Yes
Flavio LupiaINEAITlupia@inea.itYesNoNo
Sara MuraUniversità degli studi di CagliariITsaram.mura@gmail.comNoWGs 1 and 3Yes
Viorel NegruWest University of TimisoaraROvnegru@info.uvt.roYesWG1No
Joaquim PatriarcaInstitute for Systems Engineering and Computers - CoimbraPTjoaquimaspatriarca@gmail.comNoWG3Yes
Petar PenevUniversity of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, SofiaBGppenev@gmail.comYesNoNo
Andrea PődörUniversity of ÓbudaHUpa@geo.info.huNoWG1No
Alexandra RibeiroCoimbra Institute Of EngineeringPTalexr@isec.ptYesWG2Yes
Duccio RocchiniFondazione Edmund MachITduccio.rocchini@fmach.itNoWG1No
Raul Santos-RodriguezUniversity of BristolUKenrsr@bristol.ac.ukYesWG3
Linda SeeIIASAATsee@iiasa.ac.atNoWGs 1 to 3No
Jari SilanderFinnish Environment InstituteFIjari.silander@ymparisto.fiNoWG2No
Andre SteileinFederal Office of Topography SwisstopoCHandre.steilein@swisstopo.chNoWG3
Lukasz TracewskiRoyal Society for the Protection of BirdsUKlukasz.tracewski@rspb.org.ukYesWGs 1 and 3No
Thomas Theis NielsenRoskilde UniversityDKnielsentt@ruc.dkNoWGs 2 and 3No
Michele Torresani-ITtorre89@hotmail.itYesNoYes
Rumiana VatsevaNational Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


WG4 meetings were held in Dresden, Athens, Castellon, Vienna, Nice and Prague. The next WG4 meeting will be held in Bulgaria in June 2016.

Outputs from the WG/COST Members

A review was undertaken by WG4 members on quality issues related to VGI and land cover and is now available online:

Fonte, C.C., Bastin, L., See, L., Foody, G. & Lupia, F. (2015): Usability of VGI for validation of land cover maps, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, DOI: 10.1080/13658816.2015.1018266

Open access is available to the first 50 people who download the paper via this link:


Research papers relevant to COST were presented at the Castellon meeting:

  • Comparative study of Land Use/Cover classification using Flickr photos, satellite imagery and Corine Land Cover database [pdf]
    Jacinto Estima (PT), Cidália Fonte (PT) and Marco Painho (PT)
  • Enhancing the Role of Citizen Sensors in Mapping: COST Action TD1202 [pdf]
    Giles Foody (UK), Steffen Fritz (AT), Linda See (AT), Norman Kerle (NL), Glen Hart (UK) and Cidalia Fonte (PT)

WG4 provided inputs to the work on protocols for using geo-tagged photographs in terms of quality issues. The paper can be viewed here.

A data quality paper /uncertainty paper comparing Dempster-Shafer, Probability, Fuzzy and Possibility based approaches led by Lex Comber (UK), involving Cidália Fonte (PT), Giles Foody (UK), Steffen Fritz (AT), Ana-Maria Olteanu Raimond (FR) and Linda See (UK) was published:

Comber, A. Fonte, C., Foody, G., Fritz, S., Harris, P., Raimond-Olteanu, A.-M. and See, L. 2016. Geographically weighted evidence combination approaches for combining discordant and inconsistent volunteered geographical information. Geomatica, 20(3), 503–527.

As part of the final COST Action meeting in London, a poster on quality was compiled in which all references to quality outputs from TD1202 and IC1203 were placed in one location. This list can be found here.