WG 3 – Map Production


The goals are to define the needs of the map producing community, identify the sensitivity and tolerance of mapping methods to different types of error and uncertainty in VGI and assess the potential role of current VGI efforts as well as of active citizen sensing.

Organization and Membership

The Chair of this group is Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond (ana-maria.raimond@ign.fr).

Below you will find a list of names and affiliations of participants in WG 3.

NameAffiliationCountryEmailPrimary WG?Other WGsESR?
Ana-Maria Olteanu-RaimondIGNFRana-maria.raimond@ign.frYesWG1No
Glen HartUniversity of NottinghamIEglen.hart.home@gmail.comYesNoNo
Hüseyin AkcanIzmir University of EconomicsTurkeyhuseyin.akcan@ieu.edu.trYesNoYes
Seraphim AlvanidesNothumbria University at Newcastle
Emma BeeBritish Geological SurveyUKebee@bgs.ac.ukNoWG1, 2 and 4No
Maria Antonia BrovelliPolitecnico di MilanoITmaria.brovelli@polimi.itNoWG1No
Lorenzo BruzzoneUniversity of TrentoITlorenzo.bruzzone@ing.unitn.itYesWG4No
Matteo CaglioniUniversity of Nice Sophia AntipolisFRmatteo.caglioni@unice.fr
Michele CampagnaUniversity of CagliariITcampagna@unica.itNoWG3No
Gustau Camps-VallsUniversitat de ValènciaESgcamps@uv.esYesWG4No
Roberta ChiariniENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic DevelopmentITroberta.chiarini@enea.itNoWG2No
Valentina CeruttiITC Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of TwenteNLv.cerutti@utwente.nlYesWG4Yes
Cyril De-RunzUniversity of Reims Champagne-ArdenneFRcyril.de-runz@univ-reims.frNoWG4Yes
Demetris DemetriouPublic Works Department of CyprusCYdemdeme@cytanet.com.cy
Lucian DragutWest University of TimisoaraROlucian.dragut@fulbrightmail.orgYesWG1Yes
Roberta FlorisUniversity of Cagliari - DICAARITroberta.floris@unica.itNoWGs 1 and 4Yes
Bianka FohgrubFederal Agency for Cartography and GeodesyDEBianka.Fohgrub@bkg.bund.deYesNoNo
Giles FoodyUniversity of NottinghamUKgiles.foody@nottingham.ac.ukNoWGs 1, 2 and 4No
Miro GovedaricaUniversity of Novi SadSerbiamiro@uns.ac.rsNoWG1No
Magdalena GrusNational Agency for CadastreNLMagdalena.Grus@kadaster.nl
YesWGs 2 and 4No
Henrik HarderAalborg UniversityDKhhar@create.aau.dkNoWG4No
Jenny HardingOrdnance Survey (GB)UKJenny.Harding@ordnancesurvey.co.ukYesNoNo
Par HedenNational Land Survey (Lantmäteriet)
Jasper HogerwerfNational Agency for CadastreNLJasper.Hogerwerf@kadaster.nlYesNo
Bin JiangUniversity of GävleSEbin.jiang@hig.seNoWGs 1 and 2No
Jamal Jokar ArsanjaniHeidelberg University
DEjamaljokar@gmail.comNoWGs 2 to 4Yes
Dušan JovanovićFaculty of Technical SciencesSerbiadusanbuk@uns.ac.rsYesWG4Yes
Tobias KellenbergerFederal Office of Topography SwisstopoCHtobias.kellenberger@swisstopo.ch
Mari LaaksoFinnish Geodetic InstituteFImari.laakso@fgi.fiNoWG1Yes
Didier LeiboviciUniversity of NottinghamUKdidier.leibovici@nottingham.ac.ukNoWGs 1 and 4Yes
Sebastian LopezUniversity of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaESseblopez@iuma.ulpgc.esYesNoYes
Ioannis ManakosCentre for Research and Technology Hellas, Information Technologies InstituteELimanakos@iti.grYesNoNo
Pierangelo Massa University of CagliariITpmassa@unica.itNoWG1Yes
Vasileios MezarisCentre for Research and Technology Hellas, Information Technologies InstituteITbmezaris@iti.grYesNoNo
Marco MinghiniPolitecnico di MilanoITmarco.minghini86@gmail.comNoWG1Yes
Sara MuraUniversità degli studi di CagliariITsaram.mura@gmail.comNoWGs 1 and 4Yes
Joaquim PatriarcaInstitute for Systems Engineering and Computers - CoimbraPTjoaquimaspatriarca@gmail.comYesWG4Yes
Oana Mihaela PopescuNational Agency for Cadastre and Land RegistrationROoana.popescu@ancpi.roYesNo
Raul Santos-RodriguezUniversity of BristolUKenrsr@bristol.ac.ukYesWG4
Linda SeeIIASAATsee@iiasa.ac.atNoWGs 1, 2 and 4No
Christophe SidonieIGNFRsidonie.christophe@ign.frYesNo
Andelina SkopelitiNational Technical University of AthensELaskop@survey.ntua.gr
Andre SteileinFederal Office of Topography SwisstopoCHandre.steilein@swisstopo.chYesWG4
Thomas Theis NielsenRoskilde UniversityDKnielsentt@ruc.dkYesWGs 2 and 4No
Guillaume TouyaInstituto Geográfico NacionalESguillaume.touya@ign.frNoNoYes
Ana Velasco TiradoUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Lukasz TracewskiRoyal Society for the Protection of BirdsUKlukasz.tracewski@rspb.org.ukNoWGs 1 and 4No
Devis TuiaUniversity of ZurichCHdevis.tuia@geo.uzh.chYesWGs 1 and 2Yes
Stefan van der SpekTU DelftNLs.c.vanderspek@tudelft.nlNoWG1No


WG3 meetings were held in Dresden, Paris, Castellon and Berne. The next WG3 meeting will be held in Bulgaria in June 2016.


WG3 organized a survey of national mapping agencies. The survey has been completed and the results were presented at the Paris meeting.  These results have now been published are available from here. The WG is also contributing to several chapters in the COST book: Mapping and the Citizen Sensor.