WG 2 – Understanding and Influencing Contributors


The main objective of WG2 is to develop an understanding of volunteers, as individuals and in organized groups, in order to understand volunteers and their motivations which in turn may be used to promote active citizen sensing activity that is focused/steered to meet specific needs of the mapping community.

Organization and Membership

The Chair of this group is Norman Kerle (kerle@itc.nl).

Below you will find a list of names and affiliations of participants in WG 2.

NameAffiliationCountryEmailPrimary WG?Other WGsESR
Norman KerleITC/ University of Twente NLn.kerle@utwente.nlYesWG1No
Suchith AnandUniversity of NottinghamUKSuchith.Anand@nottingham.ac.ukYesWG4No
Temenoujka BandrovaUniversity of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia
Emma BeeBritish Geological SurveyUKebee@bgs.ac.ukNoWG1, 3 and 4No
Roberta ChiariniENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic DevelopmentITroberta.chiarini@enea.itYesWG3No
Alexis ComberUniversity of LeicesterUKajc36@le.ac.ukNoWGs 1 and 4No
Salvatore DistefanoPolitecnico di MilanoITsalvatdi@gmail.comYesNoYes
Paolo FogliaroniVienna University of TechnologyATpaolo@geoinfo.tuwien.ac.at
Giles FoodyUniversity of NottinghamUKgiles.foody@nottingham.ac.ukNoWGs 1, 3 and 4No
Steffen FritzIIASAATfritz@iiasa.ac.atNoWGs 1 and 4No
Jerome GenselUniversiy Pierre MendèsFRJerome.Gensel@imag.frNoWG1No
Sonja GrossberndtNILUNOsg@nilu.noYesNoNo
Magdalena GrusNational Agency for CadastreNLMagdalena.Grus@kadaster.nl
NoWGs 3 and 4No
Haosheng HuangVienna University of TechnologyAThaosheng.huang@tuwien.ac.atNoWG1Yes
Bin JiangUniversity of GävleSEbin.jiang@hig.seNoWGs 1 and 3No
Jamal Jokar ArsanjaniHeidelberg University
DEjamaljokar@gmail.comNoWGs 1, 3 and 4Yes
Niels Christian JuulRoskilde UniversityDKncjuul@ruc.dkYesNoNo
Mati MottusTallinn UniversityESmati@foti.eeYesNoYes
Marco PainhoUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Isabel PinaCâmara Municipal do SeixalPTpina.isa@gmail.comYesNoYes
Ross PurvesUniversity of ZurichCHross.purves@geo.uzh.chYesWG1No
Giovanni RabinoPolytechnic di MilanoITgiovanni.rabino@polimi.itYesWG1No
Alexandra RibeiroCoimbra Institute Of EngineeringPTalexr@isec.ptNoWG4Yes
Martin RutzingerAustrian Academy of SciencesATmartin.rutzinger@oeaw.ac.atYesNoYes
Linda SeeIIASAATsee@iiasa.ac.atNoWGs 1, 3 and 4No
Jari SilanderFinnish Environment InstituteFIjari.silander@ymparisto.fiYesWG4No
Sonia SousaTallinn University
Thomas Theis NielsenRoskilde UniversityDKnielsentt@ruc.dkNoWGs 3 and 4No
Devis TuiaUniversity of ZurichCHdevis.tuia@geo.uzh.chNoWGs 1 and 3Yes
Marlène Villanova-OliverGrenoble UniversityFRmarlene.villanova-oliver@imag.frYesWG1No
Godwin YeboahUniversity of AberdeenUKgodwin.yeboah@abdn.ac.ukNoWG2Yes


WG2 meetings were held in Dresden, Castellon and Nice.  The next WG2 meeting will be held in Bulgaria in June 2016.

Ongoing Work

WG2 is currently undertaking a review of the literature. There is also a book chapter on participant motivations in the COST book: Mapping and Citizen Sensor, which will be published in 2017.