WG 1 – Acquiring and Managing VGI


The core goal of WG1 is to provide a sound understanding of current practices involving the acquisition, description, storage and distribution of VGI arising from citizen sensors. It will characterize key issues such as: the nature of VGI data sources, the expertise and training of citizen sensors, the mechanisms by which VGI is made available, what meta-data is available and if any quality control has been undertaken. This basic knowledge forms the basis on which many of the Action’s activities will be built. The issues to be revisited periodically after interaction with other WGs.

Organization and Membership

The Co-chairs of this group are: Peter Mooney (peter.mooney@nuim.ie) and Linda See (see@iiasa.ac.at).

Below you will find a list of names and affiliations of participants in WG 1.

NameAffiliationCountryEmailPrimary WG?Other WGsESR?
Linda SeeIIASA ATsee@iiasa.ac.atYesWGs 2 to 4No
Peter MooneyMaynoothIEpeter.mooney@nuim.ieYesWGs 2 to 4No
Diego AguileraUniversity of SalamancaESdaguilera@usal.esYesNoNo
Seraphim AlvanidesNothumbria University at NewcastleUKs.alvanides@northumbria.ac.ukYesWG3No
Gennady AndrienkoFraunhofer IAIS
Natalia AndrienkoFraunhofer IAISDEnatalia.andrienko@iais.fraunhofer.de
Vyron AntoniouHMGSELv.antoniou@ucl.ac.ukYesWG4Yes
Kolbeinn ArnasonUniversity of IcelandISkolbeinn@lmi.isYesNoNo
Kivanc AzginMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkeyazgin@metu.edu.trYesNoYes
Lucy BastinAston UniversityUKlucy.bastin@jrc.ec.europa.euNoWG4No
Emma BeeBritish Geological SurveyUKebee@bgs.ac.ukYesWGs 2 to 4No
Sylvain BouveretUniversity Pierre MendèsFRsylvain.bouveret@imag.frYesWG2Yes
Maria Antonia BrovelliPolitecnico di MilanoITmaria.brovelli@polimi.itYesWG3No
Michele CampagnaUniversity of CagliariITcampagna@unica.itYesWG3No
Ivan ChorbevUniv. Ss Cyril and Methodius
Christophe ClaramuntNaval Academy Research Institute
Lex ComberUniversity of LeicesterUKajc36@le.ac.ukYesNoNo
Paule-Annick DavoineUniversity Pierre MendèsFRpaule-annick.davoine@imag.frYesWG2Yes
Lucien DragutWest University of TimisoaraROlucian.dragut@fulbrightmail.orgNoWG3Yes
Jacinto EstimaUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Adina Magda FloreaUniversity Politehnica of BucharestROadina.florea@cs.pub.roYesNoNo
Roberta FlorisUniversity of Cagliari - DICAARITroberta.floris@unica.itYesWGs 3 and 4Yes
Cidália FonteUniversity of CoimbraPTcfonte@mat.uc.pt
NoWGs 3 and 4No
Giles FoodyUniversity of NottinghamUKgiles.foody@nottingham.ac.ukNoWGs 2 to 4No
Steffen FritzIIASAATfritz@iiasa.ac.atYesWGs 2 and 4No
Philippe Genoud
University Pierre MendèsFRPhilippe.Genoud@imag.frYesWG2No
Jerome GenselUniversity Pierre MendèsFRJerome.Gensel@imag.frYesWG2No
Higinio GonzalezUniversity of VigoEShiginiog@uvigo.esYesNoNo
Miro GovedaricaUniversity of Novi SadSerbiamiro@uns.ac.rsYesWG3No
Haosheng HuangVienna University of TechnologyAThaosheng.huang@tuwien.ac.atYesWG2Yes
Bin JiangUniversity of GävleSEbin.jiang@hig.seYesWGs 2 and 3No
Jamal Jokar ArsanjaniHeidelberg University
DEjamaljokar@gmail.comYesWGs 2 to 4Yes
Kostas KaratzasAristotle University of ThessalonikiELkkara@eng.auth.grYesWG4No
Norman KerleITC/ University of TwenteNLn.kerle@utwente.nlYesWG1No
Barbara KochUniversity FreiburgDEbarbara.koch@felis.uni-freiburg.deYesWG4No
Artur KrukowskiIntracom S. A. Telecom SolutionsELkrukowa@intracom-telecom.comNoWG4No
Mari LaaksoFinnish Geodetic InstituteFImari.laakso@fgi.fiYesWG3Yes
David LamasTallinn UniversityEEdavid.lamas@tlu.eeYesNoNo
Didier LeiboviciUniversity of NottinghamUKdidier.leibovici@nottingham.ac.ukYesWGs 3 and 4Yes
Hai-Ying LiuNorwegian Institute for Air ResearchSEhyl@nilu.noYesNoNo
Pierangelo MassaUniversity of CagliariITpmassa@unica.itYesWG3Yes
Irina Georgiana MocanuUniversity Politehnica of BucharestROirina.mocanu@cs.pub.roYesNoYes
Grega MilcinskiSinergiseSIgrega.milcinski@sinergise.comYesNoNo
Gerald MillsUniversity College DublinIEgerald.mills@ucd.ieYesNo
Marco MinghiniPolitecnico di MilanoITmarco.minghini86@gmail.comYesWG3Yes
Matthew MontebelloUniversity of MaltaMLmatthew.montebello@um.edu.mtYesNoNo
Sara MuraUniversità degli studi di CagliariITsaram.mura@gmail.comYesWGs 3 and 4Yes
Viorel NegruWest University of TimisoaraROvnegru@info.uvt.roNoWG4No
Matej NiksicUrban Planning Institute of the Republic of SloveniaSImatej.niksic@uirs.siYesNoYes
Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond
Marco PainhoUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Andrea PődörUniversity of ÓbudaHUpa@geo.info.huYesWG4No
Bratislav PredićUniversity of Nis
Ross PurvesUniversity of ZurichCHross.purves@geo.uzh.chNoWG2No
Giovanni RabinoPolytechnic di MilanoITgiovanni.rabino@polimi.itNoWG2No
Duccio RocchiniFondazione Edmund MachITduccio.rocchini@fmach.itYesWG4No
Martin RutzingerAustrian Academy of SciencesATmartin.rutzinger@oeaw.ac.atNoWG2Yes
Christian SchillUniversity of FreiburgDEchristian.schill@felis.uni-freiburg.deYesWG4No
Lukasz TracewskiRoyal Society for the Protection of BirdsUKlukasz.tracewski@rspb.org.ukNoWGs 3 and 4No
Devis TuiaUniversity of ZurichCHdevis.tuia@geo.uzh.chNoWGs 2 and 3Yes
Rumiana VatsevaNational Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGrvatseva@gmail.comNoWG4No
Stefan van der SpekTU DelftNLs.c.vanderspek@tudelft.nlYesWG3No
Marlène Villanova-OliverGrenoble UniversityFRmarlene.villanova-oliver@imag.frNoWG2No
Godwin YeboahUniversity of AberdeenUKgodwin.yeboah@abdn.ac.ukYesWG2Yes


WG1 meetings were held in Dresden, Castellon and Vienna.

Outputs from the WG/COST Members

  • A presentation of WG 1 activities was given at the Dresden meeting : See, L., Arnason, K., Bastin, L., Comber, A., Estima, J., Fritz, S., Jiang, B., Karatsas, K., Krukowski, A., Laakso, M., Liu, H.-Y., Phillips, C., Mooney, P., Schill, C., Milčinski, G., Painho, M., Olteanu-Raimond, A.-M., Sarjakoski, T., Sousa, S. and Foody, G. 2013. Activities of COST Action Working Group 1: Acquiring and Managing Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). International Cartographic Conference 2013, Dresden, 26 to 30 Aug 2013.
  • Research papers relevant to COST were presented at the Castellon meeting:
    • Crowdsourced-Based Mapping Of Historical West-To-East Routes From The Textual Accounts Of European Traveler [pdf]
      Mehdi Ebadi, Jamal Jokar Arsanjani (DE) and Mohamed Bakillah
    • Cropland Capture: A Gaming Approach to Improve Global Land Cover [pdf]
      Linda See (AT), Tobias Sturn, Christoph Perger, Steffen Fritz (AT), Ian McCallum and Carl Salk
    • Semantic analysis of Citizen Sensing, Crowdsourcing and VGI [pdf]
      Lex Comber (UK), Sven Schade, Linda See (AT), Peter Mooney (IE) and Giles Foody (UK)
    • Towards Initiating Openlandmap Founded On Citizens’ Science: The Current Status Of Land Use Features Of Openstreetmap In Europe [pdf]
      Jamal Jokar Arsanjani (DE), Eric Vaz, Mohamed Bakillah and Peter Mooney (IE)
    • Noise map: professional versus crowdsourced data [pdf]
      Andrea Podör (HU) and András Révész
    • Enhancing the Role of Citizen Sensors in Mapping: COST Action TD1202 [pdf]
      Giles Foody (UK), Steffen Fritz (AT), Linda See (AT), Norman Kerle (NL), Glen Hart (UK) and Cidalia Fonte (PT)
  • WG1 has prepared a working document that defines the diverse terminology related to crowdsourcing and VGI and has reviewed around 100 websites to understand the current nature of VGI. The document ends with a series of recommendations for WGs 2 to 4. This document has now been published and is available from here.
  • Protocols for vector VGI and OSM have been developed into a paper by Peter Mooney (IE) and Marco Minghini (IT)
  • Protocols for geotagged photographs began in the Castellon meeting, continued in Vienna and has now been published. The paper is available from here.

Ongoing Work

  • Members of WG 1 are contributing to many different chapters in the COST book: Mapping and the Citizen Sensor. This book will be published in 2017.