Castellon, Jun 2014


The meeting in Castellon, Spain, coincided with the AGILE conference, where TD1202 COST Action members were encouraged to present VGI-relevant research within a specific COST session.

A Management Committee meeting of COST Action TD1202 was also held during the conference on the morning of Fri 6 Jun.

Finally, working groups gave presentations on progress after the Management Committee Meeting. Working groups then met to discuss ongoing work, in particular the review work and work on the development of VGI protocols.


Steffen Fritz, Austria Linda See, Austria Petar Penev, Bulgaria
Sonia Sousa, Estonia Mati Mottus, Estonia Tapani Sarjakoski, Finland
Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond, France Marlene Villanova-Oliver, France Paule-Annick Davoine, France
Michael Mente, Germany Jamal Jokar Arsanjani, Germany Janos Bito, Hungary
Flavio Lupia, Italy Norman Kerle, Netherlands Cidalia Fonte, Portugal
Marco Painho, Portugal Jacinto Estima, Portugal Isabel Pina, Portugal
Viorel Negru, Romania Grega Milčinski, Slovenia Matej Niksic, Slovenia
Gustavo Camps-Valls, Spain Tobias Kellenberger, Switzerland Alexis Comber, United Kingdom

Meeting Agenda

  • 3-5 Jun 2014, AGILE Conference
  • 5 Jun 2014, 18.30 – 19.30 Meeting of WG4
  • 5 Jun 2014, 9.00 – 11.00 Management Committee meeting
  • 6 Jun 2014, 11.30 – 15.00 Meeting of WGs 1 to 3

AGILE Papers from TD1202 Members

Comparative study of Land Use/Cover classification using Flickr photos, satellite imagery and Corine Land Cover database [pdf]
Jacinto Estima (PT), Cidália Fonte (PT) and Marco Painho (PT)

Cropland Capture: A Gaming Approach to Improve Global Land Cover [pdf]
Linda See (AT), Tobias Sturn, Christoph Perger, Steffen Fritz (AT), Ian McCallum and Carl Salk

Crowdsourced-Based Mapping Of Historical West-To-East Routes From The Textual Accounts Of European Traveler [pdf]
Mehdi Ebadi, Jamal Jokar Arsanjani (DE) and Mohamed Bakillah

Semantic analysis of Citizen Sensing, Crowdsourcing and VGI [pdf]
Lex Comber (UK), Sven Schade, Linda See (AT), Peter Mooney (IE) and Giles Foody (UK)

Towards Initiating Openlandmap Founded On Citizens’ Science: The Current Status Of Land Use Features Of Openstreetmap In Europe [pdf]
Jamal Jokar Arsanjani (DE), Eric Vaz, Mohamed Bakillah and Peter Mooney (IE)

Noise map: professional versus crowdsourced data [pdf]
Andrea Podör (HU) and András Révész

Enhancing the Role of Citizen Sensors in Mapping: COST Action TD1202 [pdf]
Giles Foody (UK), Steffen Fritz (AT), Linda See (AT), Norman Kerle (NL), Glen Hart (UK) and Cidalia Fonte (PT)

Documents from the Meeting

  • Presentation from WG1 [pdf]
  • Presentation from WG2 [pdf]
  • Presentation from WG3 [pdf]
  • Presentation from WG4  [pdf]

Future Activities

The working groups agreed to meet again in Vienna during the GIScience 2014 conference (22-23 Sep 2014).