Berne, Feb 2015


A COST Action Working Group 3 meeting was held in Berne on 26-27 Feb 2015, organized by Tobias Kellenberger (CH) and Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond (FR). This meeting was a follow up from the Paris Meeting in 2014 (IGN France) where the survey by the NRMAs about VGI experiences, carried out by WG3, was presented, followed by an open discussion about obstacles and problems for NRMAs with VGI collection activities.

The goal of the Bern WG meeting was:

  • to analyse the tools that National and Regional Mapping Agencies (NRMAs) have already developed to collect, validate and integrate Volunteered Geographic Information, (VGI, crowdsourcing) in authoritative datasets; and
  • to identify the good/best practices.

The program began with a few presentations about the tools and practices tested already by NRMAs, and then concentrated on concrete contributions and suggestions for best/good practices and tools. This work was done in two small break-out groups on behalf of a few identified use cases. The final goal was to give suggestions to the other working groups of the Action as well as for NRMAs regarding what should be taken into account for the development of good practices in the collection of VGI data and what is needed for good interactions with the citizens.


There were 16 attendees (15 from COST Action TD1202), representing:Participants

  • 12 nations;
  • 8 national and regional mapping agencies (NRMAs: swisstopo CH, OS UK, kadaster NL, BKG DE, IGN FR, ANCPI RO, HMGS EL, FGI FI);
  • 4 academic research organizations (Politecnico Milano IT, Univ. of Coimbra PT, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis AT, National Technical University of Athens GR);
  • two Early Stage Researchers; and
  • an equal gender balance.

The list of attendees included: Steffen Fritz (AU); Marie Laakso (FI)[ Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond (FR); Bianka Fohgrub (DE); Andriani Skopeliti (EL); Antoniou Vyron (EL); Peter Mooney (IE); Marco Minghini (IT); Magdalena Grus (NL); Hasper Hogerwerf (NL); Cidália Fonte (PT); Oana Popescu (RO); Jean-Christophe Guélat (CH); Tobias Kellenberger (CH); André Streilein (CH); and Jenny Harding (UK).

Presentations from the Meeting

  • Welcome and introduction by Tobias Kellenberger [pdf]
  • Progress of WG3 on Map Production and Evaluation by Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond [pdf]
  • First Steps in the Development of a Protocol for the Collection of Vector Data in VGI Projects by Peter Mooney [pdf]
  • Activities related to WG4 on Map Validation by Cidália C. Fonte  [pdf]
  • Crowdsourcing in the Dutch Kadaster by Jasper Hogerwerf and Magdalena Grus (kadaster NL) [pdf]
  • Integration of User generated Content into National Databases by Jean-Christophe Guélat (swisstopo, CH) [pdf]
  • VGI in Finnish National Land Survey Topographic Database by Mari Laakso (NLS, FI) [pdf]
  • IGN Tools to Report Alerts by Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond (IGN, FR) [pdf]
  • Ordnance Survey VGI Practices and Tools by Jenny Harding (OS, UK) [pdf]
  • Practices and Tools developed by the National Agency of Cadastre and Land Registration in Romania by Oana Popescu (ANCPI, RO) [pdf]
  • Volunteered Geographic Information in the Hellenic Military Geographical Service by Vyron Antoniou (HMGS, EL) [pdf]
  • Best Practices and Tools developed by National and Regional Mapping Agencies to collect VGI data – Tool by BKG by Bianka Fohgrub (BKG, DE) [pdf]

Outputs from Break-out Sessions and Meeting Minutes

  • Flip charts from group 1 [pdf]
  • Flip charts form group 2 [pdf]
  • Presentation from group 2 [pdf]
  • Minutes of the meeting [pdf]

Meeting Outcomes

The meeting outcomes are summarized in the minutes of the meeting [pdf].

Future Activities

Working group members will meet again as part of the MC meeting taking place in Nice in April 2014.