Albena, Bulgaria, Jun 2016

Meeting on the COST Book, COST Outputs and Final COST Meeting

Venue: Kaliakra Hotel, Albena, Bulgaria

Date: 13-14 June 2016

The aim of this meeting was to continue the work from the last WG meeting in Prague, bringing together those COST Action members who are involved in the writing of the COST book and other COST outputs (i.e. ongoing papers). A secondary aim was to discuss the final COST meeting, which will be jointly held between our COST action and ENERGIC (IC1203) in London, October 2016.

The meeting took place during the 6th International Conference on Cartography & GIS / Seminar with EU cooperation on Early Warning and Disaster/Crisis Management in the Black Sea resort of Albena, Bulgaria, organized by Prof Temenoujka Bandrova (BG) and Prof Milan Konecny (CZ).


There were 20 people participating in the meeting from 12 different countries: AT (1), BG (4), CY (1), CZ (1), EE (2), FR (2), EL (1), HR (1), IT (2), NL (2), PT (2), SI (1). There were 10 males, 10 females and 6 ESRs.


  • COST Book: We reviewed the status of each chapter of the book. Some chapters have already been delivered and some were delivered by the end of the week as many people attended the conference and could therefore continue work on their chapters. Outstanding chapters are to be delivered by 30 June 2016. Internal reviews by the editors will be completed by 15 July and then the book will be delivered to the publisher by the end of July 2016. An external review will then take place and authors will be given both the internal and external reviews at the same time. The group discussed ways of helping to incentivize the external review and speed up the publication process.
  • London meeting:  The group discussed the structure of a special session on quality. However, the main structure of the meeting is still being planned. For example, it was unclear if the meeting is about what was done in the action or should be new work presented by action members; it was unclear if the meeting was intended for action members or for the wider community although it was clarified that the wider GEO community would be invited; it was unclear how parallel sessions will work and the group did not favour this, etc. In the end, the suggestions for the quality special session will be sent to the organizers.
  • Ongoing papers: Updates were provided on outstanding papers, in particular the two papers on sampling that Cidália Fonte (PT) is involved in and the paper on motivations from WG 2 that Sonia Sousa (EE) reported on; all are progressing. Participants were reminded that about the ongoing special issues and that COST can pay for APCs.

Conference papers presented

Cidalia Costa Fonte chaired a session on VGI, presented two papers and several COST members also presented papers in various conference sessions:

Paper 1: Automated Methodology for Converting OSM Data into a Land Use/Cover Map [pdf of presentation]
Cidália Costa Fonte (PT), Marco Minghini (IT), Vyron Antoniou (EL), Linda See (AT), Maria Antonia Brovelli (IT) and Grega Milcinski (SI)

Paper 2: Using OSM, Geo-Tagged Flickr Photos and Authoritative Data: A Quality Perspective
Vyron Antoniou (EL), Andriani Skopeliti (EL), Cidália Costa Fonte (PT), Linda See (AT) and Seraphim Alvanides (UK)

Paper 3: Crowdsourcing and VGI in National Map Agency Data Collection
Daphne Bol (NL), Magdalena Grus (NL) and Mari Laakso (FI)

Paper 4: GIS-Based Automated Valuation Models (AVM) for Land Consolidation Schemes
Demetris Demetriou (CY)

Paper 5: Specialized Mapping in Bulgaria
Petar Penev (BG)

Paper 6: Including Geospatial Tools for Agriculture Education in Developing Countries: a Case for Cape Verde and Mozambique
Marco Painho (PT), Alexandre Baptista, Ali Atumane and Elsa Simões

Paper 7: From Big to Smart Spatial Data for Decision Making in Disaster Management
Milan Konecny (CZ)

Paper 8: Disaster Management of a Conference During a Flood (Concerning 5th ICC&GIS Flood and Evacuation of 92 Participants)
Temenoujka Bandrova (BG), Sisi Zlatanova and Milan Konecny (CZ)

Paper 9: General Concept of Educational Programs for Students’ Disaster Response
Silvia Marinova (BG) and Kristina Kehayova

Paper 10: Georeferencing Imprecise Historical Place Names by a Multi-Criteria Approach
Ana-Maria Olteanu-Raimond (FR) and Marie-Dominique van Damme

Paper 11: Mapping Urban Green Spaces Based on Remote Sensing Data: Case Studies in Bulgaria and Slovakia
Rumiana Vatseva (BG), Monika Kopecka, Jan Otahel, Konstantin Rosina, Atanas Kitev and Stefan Genchev