FOSS4VGI, Jul 2015

Training School “iFOSS4VGI – Using Free and Open Source Software with VGI: integration, analysis and visualization”

Politecnico di MilanoComo Campus hosted a Training School from July 12 to 14, 2015. This event ran immediately before the FOSS4G Europe international conference that Politecnico di Milano organized on July 15-17 at the same venue.

View the final report of the Training School FOSS4VGI.


The Training School (TS) had two key goals which are consistent with the goal of the COST Action involving “Mapping and the Citizen Sensor”:

  1. Provide attendees with skills to use FOSS4G to create and manipulate Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
  2. Demonstrate how to use, manipulate and visualize VGI data and how it can be integrated with other geospatial datasets

Description of the TS and how it served the identified goal(s)

The TS was a mixture of lectures and practical hands-on workshop sessions which enabled interaction, experimentation and learning. A web archive was created and made openly accessible providing online access to the workshop materials for the future benefit of both the participants in the TS and the wider geospatial community.

The TS focus was to educate attendees about the processes of mapping in VGI. This in turn greatly helped the various work-packages within the Action in understanding:

  1. How mapping and GI data collection happens in VGI projects
  2. The potential for errors such as accuracy errors, uncertainty etc due to the methods by which mapping and GI data collection is performed and
  3. The types of FOSS4G which are the most useful to support the citizens in mapping and GI data collection for VGI projects

Specific Outputs and Outcomes

The TS:

  1. Provided free and open access to all workshop materials which were of educational value to the wider geospatial community
  2. Provided participants with a comfortable learning environment within which they could learn to use FOSS4G tools and work with VGI
  3. Assisted participants in gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of the issues surrounding the integration of VGI and other sources of geographical data

For more information, see the FOSS4VGI website.