London, Oct 2016

Mapping, Sensing, and Crowdsourcing Geographic Information

Venue: Royal Geographical Society (RGS), London, UK

Dates: 13-14 October 2016







Over the past 4 years, over 250 researchers from universities, national mapping agencies, environmental protection agencies, research institutions and companies came together to improve the understanding and utilisation of crowdsourced geographic information, also known as Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). The research networks were supported through the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) association. The activities of the networks included focused working groups, summer schools, joint publications and many meetings across Europe. The networks ‘Mapping and the Citizen Sensor’ (TD1202), and the ‘European Network for Research on Geographic Information Crowdsourcing (ENERGIC)’ (IC1203), are now drawing to a close.

We have already achieved significant outputs including papers and a forthcoming book, which will be open and free. To celebrate the achievements of the networks, and to share the experiences, lessons, finding, and developments that the networks have nurtured, we organized a two day event at the Royal Geographical Society that brought together researchers from these networks, as well as leading speakers from this multidisciplinary field.

The topics covered during the meeting were relevant for many disciplines like GISscience, sociology, geography, cartography, environmental sciences, citizen science, and crowdsourcing studies. During the event, both updated and challenging research outputs and projects were presented. The poster session was an exciting exhibition of case studies and ongoing research.

Programme for the Workshop

The programme can be found here.